Tesi certified by GS1 France

08/07/2013 – Tesi has obtained certification of the e-Integration solution for e-Invoicing, pursuant to article 289_VII_3° of the Code Général des Impôts. Such certification was issued by the e-Invoicing Standardization Group of GS1 France.

Therefore, Tesi continues on the road to certification of EDI and e-Invoicing services at the GS1 international body, with representations in each countries, in order to support the business requirements of its customers also in the international arena.

In the field of e-Invoicing, new regulations as well as national and international directives are being introduced. Among the major new legislation in France, we hereby highlight some, whose requirements are fully met by the services provided by Tesi:

  • Measures contained in EU Directive 2010/45/EC—with respect to rules on electronic invoicing—have been transposed into French law with effect from 1 January 2013;
  • The provisions contained in the new national French law (“Third Corrective Finance Bill for 2012”) provide parity or equal treatment to paper and electronic invoices under French tax law;
  • The new law affirms the validity of the invoice dematerialization services and, in particular, of tax-compliant EDI (electronic data interchange);
  • There are also rules for archiving and rules providing the tax authorities with complete access to the electronic invoicing system when stored abroad.


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