HR: A move towards innovation in the Mobile sector

It is no surprise that the digital market has been constantly growing over the past 3 years: Assiform data show that in 2012 the sale of tablets and smartphones increased respectively by 139% and 62% over the previous year and this trend is confirmed also during Q1 2013.


Communication is becoming increasingly digital and offers the advantage of sharing information at any time and from any place, thus providing interlocutors with the freedom to use such information at the most appropriate time: while waiting for the bus or the underground, at the airport, on a train etc.


The advantage that the HR Management can get from the use of mobile technology is two-fold: an improved exchange of information with employees and, without a doubt, a valuable ally in enhancing employer branding while passing the message of an advanced company in line with innovation. 


For this reason Tesi has decided to invest in the mobile communication sector, developing the Golden Ring Mobile App for HR: a solution that allows companies to be constantly in contact with their employees.


This is an evolving App, easily adaptable to customer requirements featuring a number of already available functions that allow to:

 • Manage time: reporting travelling time and working hours, associating them to a customer/order

 • Record the costs incurred for each work 

 • Send data on travel expenses, hours worked and travelling time to the Golden Ring for HR portal to activate the authorization processes and create customized reports

 • Display the summary data of the payslip: net balances, holidays and leave

 • Display the payslip and other documents in pdf format 

 • Display and update one’s own personal details, photos etc.

 • Receive online notifications: information from telephone exchange, progress of requests, etc.


The project road map conceived by Tesi is expected to be continuously enriched with new functions which will be released periodically, to satisfy the increasing need of its customers for communication between the HR Management and employees.


The Mobile App is the natural extension of the Golden Ring for HR platform: Tesi’s dedicated solution to support HR Managers in their daily activity. 


Indeed, Golden Ring for HR is an HR Business Process Management system that, through its own workflow engine and alert and pushing systems, is able to lead the task manager in carrying out the activities of assessment, assignment of objectives, allocation of educational paths, pathway selection and organization management.


Thanks to the use of the Tesi software developed for the HR sector, the HR Management can offer a solution for the management of each organization-based business process and best play its role as Business Partner.