ASSOBIOMEDICA – TESISQUARE® Agreement for e-Invoicing to the PA

Following the introduction of mandatory electronic invoicing to the Public Administration on June 6, ASSOBIOMEDICA – through its ASBM srl service company – has chosen TESISQUARE® to offer a quality service to its members by an experienced and reliable partner.
Thanks to TESISQUARE® solution, members will be able to switch to the new system with a low impact on organisation, without any inconvenience, well in advance of the mandatory deadline.
From March 31, 2015, the legal obligation will be extended to any relationship with the Public Administration, except for the possibility of anticipating the due date by PA.
Electronic invoicing allows companies to have greater fluidity in the document management and facilitate internal organizational processes, giving rise to a real breakthrough in the relationship between private companies and public administration.

ASBM srl is the Assobiomedica’s service company, a national association for diagnostics and biomedical technologies, medical equipment, services and telemedicine with over 280 Associates.
ASBM srl aims to design and implement activities, products and services that come with experience and professional skills, to provide support to Members in the industry and business development.