E-invoicing to PA: the new sempliceSQUARE is born

To meet even the Small and Medium enterprises, as well as Freelancers, TESISQUARE® will provide through sempliceSQUARE – as the name implies – a streamlined, professional and integrated service. sempliceSQUARE is dedicated to all those who need to manage a small number of invoices to the PA, to innovate their business or simply meet the obligations imposed by law through the introduction of electronic invoicing to the Public Administration.

Why choose sempliceSQUARE:

  • to facilitate business partners connectivity electronically, in a simple and safe way;
  • to make the electronic invoicing process smarter, cheap and accessible to all;
  • to become familiar with document dematerialization, recognising its benefits and accessibility.

Make it simple with sempliceSQUARE!

If you are a large company or you manage high-volumes transaction documents, TESI e-Integration is designed specifically for your business.