TESI e-Integration, all the figures of the market leader Integration Brokerage (EDI) service

TESI e-Integration, the TESISQUARE® Integration Brokerage service, operates on a web platform in the order-payment cycle, to facilitate the digitalization of collaborative business processes.

The solution is used worldwide by thousands of companies operating in different sectors – in consumer goods, manufacturing, electronics consumer, fashion, healthcare, logistics and many others. In the electronics and biomedical sectors TESISQUARE® is the technological partner of Ediel consortium and Assobiomedica association.

The figures speak for themselves: TESI e-Integration directly supports every day more than 3,700 companies from 33 countries in 4 continents (Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia). TESI e-Integration can create, translate, delivery and trace documents in digital format and exchange structured  data and documents automatically, through 21,000,000 flows each year, over 72 million business transactions with more than 60,000 trading partners.

The analysis of the last two years flows number (2014/2015) shows an increase of 36% in volumes in 2015 compared to 2014, while, compared to 2012, the volumes are even more than tripled.

These results have been achieved thanks to the challenges and the goals set by the company in the last few years, such as accreditation from major national and international organizations”, said Guido Ferrero – Business Line Executive of TESISQUARE®. “Currently the solution is certified GS1 Italy, GS1 Spain and GS1 France through the International Organisation GS1, which is in charge of spreading the standards  adopted globally. We are also a certified PEPPOL Access Point, as well as members of the EESPA (European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association) and SOGEI accredited for the electronic invoicing to  the Public Administration; we are 6 years old partners of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano in the Electronic Invoicing and Dematerialization Observatory”.

Another important result was achieved in late 2015, with the release of the ISO/IEC 27001 certification by RINA SpA, about our Information Security Management System (ISMS) implementation in the business areas dedicated to Digital and Dematerialization (EDI), Electronic Invoicing and Compliant Electronic Archiving.