TESISQUARE® takes part in the 2nd edition of the event “Innovation in the Supply Chain”

TESISQUARE® will take part as a partner and a keynote speaker in the 2nd edition of the event organized by the Logistics Efficient, entitled “Innovation in the supply chain: organization, technologies, software and services to be leaders in the market recovery,” which will take place on June 28 at the Hotel Ramada Plaza in Milan.

Companies are increasingly complex and part of a large network that includes other entities, such as suppliers, distributors, business partners and, and the customer as well. Today’s company buys everywhere, anywhere and everywhere produces and sells its products and services.

Therefore, the aim of competitive strategies moves from the system product/price to the capacity to respond, or even anticipate, demand by coordinating a complex, extended set of information and materials flows.
The new mode of interaction between company and markets puts customer satisfaction as a key success factor, as to define the “supply chain” as a demand-driven chain. The customer becomes the key driver of innovation in terms of design, launch, packaging, product distribution, and associated services.

Within this scenario, TESISQUARE® proves benefits deriving from a forecasting support system:

  • automatic and easy replenishment;
  • increase in sales, thanks to a higher number of inventory items and to increased customer satisfaction
  • reduction in time and supply, and delivery costs       
  • inventory reduction and purchase optimization