TESISQUARE® signed a partnership with the Swiss provider PostFinance!

During the 2016 General Assembly Meeting of EESPA held in Tallinn, Estonia, on 19th of May 2016, TESISQUARE® and PostFinance signed an important Interoperability agreement, consolidating the presence of both companies on international B2B market.

The agreement, based on the EESPA MIA (Model Interoperability Agreement), gives the opportunity to both companies customers to complete cross-border invoicing and exchange invoices message through a multi-channel platform, compliant with Italian and Swiss rules.

PostFinance has over 100 years of history and was founded to provide financial services to support the traditional postal services. Over time has become one of the leading Swiss Payment service provider with Swiss headquarters and local offices in numerous cities (including Lausanne, Basel, Zurich, Bern and Lucerne).

TESISQUARE® is an international solid provider that boasts excellent solutions and products as well as high performing Clients, with Italian Headquarters in Bra (CN) and local office in Milan, Turin, Rome, Padua, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, and Paris. TESISQUARE® offers B2B solutions and services to 4,000 companies from 33 countries (Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia) for creation, translation, sorting and traceability of commercial and financial transactions in digital format and structured exchange data according to the main International standards (21,000,000 flows every year for over 72 million of commercial transactions involving more than 60,000 trading partners).

G. Chiara statement: A strategic partnership that allows both companies to easily overcome the specific features of Italian and Swiss regulations regarding e-invoicing and digital storage”.