TESISQUARE® grows and strengthens the team with the appointment of Andrea Pifferi as new General Manager and the opening of new offices.

Giuseppe Pacotto, founder, CEO and Chairman of TESISQUARE® proudly introduced this morning Andrea Pifferi, who has recently joined the company as new General Manager.

The Board of Directors has approved a change in the management structure in order to strengthen the development and management team and to be better positioned to pursue the challenging objectives of stability and future growth while having an increasingly prominent position in an international context,” stated Giuseppe Pacotto.

“This new model is designed to ensure that our company has a consistent expansion in how it manages its own human resources and business and to drive TESISQUARE®’s growth in terms of size and profit, with the utmost respect for both values and people.”

Founded in 1995, the company has been experiencing steady growth in the last twenty years, with higher revenue performances compared to the industry average and with a double-digit increase in the last two years.

We have already started expanding our business internationally,” – Pacotto added – but it is still one of the main challenges for our company today. Recent references in Holland, France, Spain and Turkey and numerous global projects with other multinationals are only the first steps to increase our market share abroad.

Obviously – he continued – everything is strongly built on products and collaboration solutions throughout the supply chain, transportation, integration and compliance, which have been recognized as best of breed in an international scenario, as well as by the market and by other leading research companies. To support this new stage of our expansion we decided to strengthen the management team by bringing on board an experienced professional with proven international abilities, who could lead the company with a new management model to be better positioned to face current and future challenges.

Pacotto formally introduced Mr. Pifferi alongside his prestigious curriculum: born in 1965, graduated with a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, and gained remarkable experience over his twenty-year career through a variety of international projects, both in consulting and corporate contexts.

In all his previous experiences, thanks to his abilities and skills, he proved to successfully guide the companies through different stages of change.

The thing that attracts me the most about this company is its ability to easily combine people, skills and resources – said Mr Pifferi – summarized in the concept of Unifying Company and collaborative spirit that characterizes both its staff and its range of solutions. Despite being a mature and consolidated company, TESISQUARE® still has the atmosphere and the potential of a start-up, thanks to the young average age of the team, mostly under 34.

“It is remarkable – says the new general manager – the fact that the company reinvests its own resources in the international scene: how many IT Italian companies nowadays have the courage to face such a challenge and to promote their solutions in foreign markets, exporting its digital knowledge around the world?”

Pacotto and Pifferi both agree that “development and growth are undoubtedly our main goals, but we will always put first the historical corporate values and the respect of our people, with our professional and human attitude.

The press conference took place in the new office in Assago, which opened its doors for the first time on the same day. It has double floor space compared to the previous one, which makes it a real hub within the marketing, operational and business sectors. This will be followed by the expansion of our Turin offices later this year, where we will see the floor space doubled.