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The importance of electronic documents storage has been reiterated in the latest Digital Administration Code (CAD) release ( G.U. September 13, 2016) and specifically in Art. 44 1-ter: “Il responsabile della conservazione può chiedere la conservazione dei documenti informatici o la certificazione della conformità del relativo processo di conservazione a quanto stabilito dall’articolo 43 e dalle regole tecniche ivi previste, nonché dal comma 1 ad altri soggetti, pubblici o privati, che offrono idonee garanzie organizzative e tecnologiche.

How can electronic documents be stored?

Electronic documents storage is a legal and IT procedure regulated by the Italian law (DPCM December 3, 2013), which consists in structuring, managing and archiving documents process on optical/magnetic supports.

This procedure protects the electronic documents archives in time, prevent loss or destruction and preserves the authenticity, the legal validity, the integrity and controlling access.

To ensure documents legal value, it is necessary to affix the digital signature and time stamp on the Archiving documents package (lot).

TESISQUARE® is a structured provider with twenty years’ experience in ICT services for enterprises that can manage and archive your documents. TESISQUARE® electronic documents storage solution facilitates the archive of various types of documents (VAT records, invoices, orders etc…), generated and exchanged both between private companies and between private companies and Public Administration. This solution ensures also the compliance with the conservation process according to AGID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale) and regulatory standards.

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