TESI neXt D4C: collaborative demand planning and replenishment to Industry 4.0

An effective procurement process is the key to business development success. Specifically, the warehouse is a core logistics activity and stock it cleverly and in an optimized way ensures safety stock to meet sudden demand changes.

As a result TESISQUARE® designed TESI neXt-D4C (Demand for Collaboration), the web-based multi-device platform to manage Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) and meet logistics operators and retailer’s needs.

TESI neXt-D4C represents the natural evolution of TESI neXt-Forecast and TESI neXt-Reorder, then replacing it in TESISQUARE®’s Supply Chain Execution offering.

It is a modular solution mathematical for forecasting trends and constantly interacting with information systems, supporting professionals in daily work activities and achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, inventory and out-of-stock reduction.

  • Base Module: simulates different scenarios of supply plan by considering trends and seasonality to handle cross-functional processes;
  • Forecast Module: balances customer demand and supply plan of the company. It integrates processes and functions within the company to simplify the relationship among Production, Logistics and Sales;
  • Reorder Module: forecasts consumption and calculates the needs, considering logistics constraints and dynamic trends in items availability;
  • Event Module: monitors the external factors that may affect demand and forecast.


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