19° Logistics and Supply Chain Management Summit Istanbul en

TESISQUARE will attend as a service provider the leading logistics and supply management event in Turkey that will take place in Istanbul on March 9th, 2017.

In this Summit, which is organized by HRdergi since 1999, thousands of participants, hundreds of sponsors and firms that aim to introduce their services met for the same target: to help Turkey accomplish the mission of becoming a logistics base of the region and establish standards for the industry. Because Turkey, with its economical potential and geographical location advantage, is considered to have a critical role in logistics/supply chain management for the region and considered to be the only country that can fully and effectively serve the neighbour markets. Logistics industry is among the most important sectors of the 2000’s for Turkey and is expected to reach 120 billion dollar trading volume by 2017.

Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Operation Management professionals will attend the conference.

WHEN: 9 Marzo 2017

WHERE: Sheraton Grand Istanbul Atasehir

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