Eurovast UK Ltd chose TESI e-Integration for International EDI

Euro Vast UK Limited, leader in tissue products, chose TESI e-Integration, TESISQUARE® Integration Brokerage platform (EDI) in order to carry out worldwide commercial transactions with its business partners.

The company needed a solution that would:

  • convert invoices and orders proprietary formats in a multi-channel way from and to the final Business Partner;
  • reorganize its business processes, with the decrease of the total cost of the structure, the reuse of human resources and economic activities with higher value-added.

TESI e-Integration is a cloud-based B2B Integration Brokerage solution that substantially improves efficiency and collaboration in extended enterprise processes.
The service fully meets the most various integration requirements of Business Partners, enabling a multiformat and multi-protocol data exchange management.

With its main customers in Italy, Europe and in non-European countries, Euro Vast SpA has over 25 years of experience in the private label sector, as well as in the mass retail, distribution, discount and community distribution channels.

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