Fater starts the B2B Evolution Project

Fater requirement was to identify an innovative and advanced Integration Brokerage B2B solution, run in “Full Outsourcing”, as an alternative to the legacy one. The new solution should ensure a seamless integration with the SAP business software and with the VMI module. It should be easy to be managed (both on the IT and on the end user side) and user-friendly with regard to daily operations. It should be able to rapidly connect to external partners and grow together with business requirements (in terms of partners acquired, messages implemented and documents exchanged). In addition to multilingual and multi-format features, this stable solution should allow to of transfer to the Outsourcer the operation of sensitive and mission-critical processes, while monitoring each single step and event both on IT and on user side.

Partners played a major role in the project: the objective was to expand the range of Business Partners involved in the process, also consolidating relationships with foreign retailers (first step. Western and Central Europe; in future Africa). Last, but not least the system should provide users with a monitoring tool giving them full visibility on the E2E process.  All of this while ensuring high-level SLAs.

B2B Evolution was undoubtedly one of the most successful projects of last year for the ICT Customer and Logistics Area of Fater. A success even “sweeter” if you consider that it was accomplished simultaneously to several acquisition processes carried out abroad, where we have played a major role in the last few years – said Maria Rita Concilio, Information & Communication Technology Department Customers-Logistics Systems Manager Fater SpA. The objective we reached was also made possible by the commitment and continuous support of our provider TESISQUARE® which helped us to redefine our EDI process (that was managed in-house with obsolete technologies) through the acquisition of a Cloud-based full-outsourcing solution TESI e-Integration boasting high performance, availability and efficiency”.

By leveraging the experience gained in many migrations, TESISQUARE® has managed all the project phases, while always keeping in line with Fater Project Manager.  The italian software company approach has ensured the transparency of the migration process to Business Partners, while minimizing the involvement of Fater and of TESISQUARE® Business Partners themselves. A very important part of the project consisted of the comparison between the information flow developed by TESISQUARE® and the legacy one as well as the relevant validation; as a matter of fact, these key activities allowed to prevent and identify any errors or possible differences with regard to the conversion process. The migration plan proposed by TESISQUARE® was implemented gradually; single Business Partners have migrated one at a time with an effective management of the all the relevant messages.

With the experience gained in many migrations, we have managed all the design phases, maintaining a constant alignment with Fater’s Project Manager and the Business Partner Network, ensuring continuity of service without any anomalies – said Luca Delsanto, Solution and Delivery Manager TESISQUARE®. Following the completion of this project, Fater has established with TESISQUARE® a true partnership relationship based on concrete and lasting collaboration“.

Founded in Pescara in 1958 by the Angelini Family, since 1992 FATER (www.fatergroup.com) is an equale share joint venture between the Angelini Group and Procter & Gamble.
First in Italy to launch diapers and wipes (1963) and sanitary pads (2965) for more than 50 years Fater has presence in Italian homes and is leader in the Italian market of personal hygiene products and in the European market of bleach and house cleaning products with its brands ACE, Lines, Pampers and Tampax. with its personal hygiene products through its.
Today, Fater is an international company heaquartered in Pescara with production plants in Italy, Portugal and Morocco.  A rare example of successful joint venture over a long period of time, Fater bases its growth on its in-depth knowledge of consumers and markets, combined with the application of multinational work methods.
With 1,400 employees and 915 million Euros of turnover (ref. 2014/2015 financial statements), Fater is a dynamic company that believes in continuous innovation and it invests 4% of its turnover in Research & Development.