S.i.d.al’s IT strategy for omnichannel retailing

S.i.d.al operates in the wholesale trade of food and non-food reserved to professionals of Horeca and Retail channels. In a context of evolution of purchasing behaviour, S.i.d.al’s BOD has decided to adopt a marketing strategy of Omnichannel Retailing in order to make the group more competitive and innovative. The goal is to bring the company to an integrated, efficient and reliable information system that can link processes, users, and information both within the organization and outside the organizational boundaries.

After a software selection, S.i.d.al chose to implement G.O.L.D., the Symphony-EYC solution, with TESISQUARE® support: a web-based ERP system created for the entire retail world with its functionality and modularity, able to coexist with any existing systems and compatible with a gradual deployment process to adapt to new needs and possible future scenarios.
“To reach our strategic marketing goals, improve customer loyalty and increase their acquisition rates from competition, we need the help of a partner who can support us in managing this delicate and difficult change phase and that is why we have decided to relay on TESISQUARE, “explains Gianluca Spampani, S.i.d.al Vice President.

TESISQUARE® is a unique partner for its customers, promoting innovation and transformation through business modelling skills, with the aim of accompanying companies from the early stages of designing new process models. And it does it through an “end-to-end turn-key” approach, providing a ready and working solution, integrating it with any existing system in the company.
The goal is to lead the customer in the process of change from start to finish, including through support services such as stakeholder onboarding, help desk and application maintenance, all in the most complete transparency offered by cloud technologies .
“G.O.L.D. Represents a flywheel for the competitiveness of S.i.d.al; enables to efficiently manage the organization’s business dynamics, becoming an important factor in their success – emphasizes Mauro Gullino, Business Executive Retail TESISQUARE®. Since the beginning, the ability to have reliable, consistent and – above all – real-time data in a single data structure is the strength of G.O.L.D.
Therefore, Management can get, at any time and at any stage of the process, the information in order to obtain the most effective decisions quickly.”

S.i.d.al – Società Italiana Distribuzione Alimentari
S.i.d.al. operates in the wholesale trade of food and non-food products reserved for professionals in horeca (hotel, restaurant, cafe) and the retail sector (Groceries, , butchers, fishmongers).
Born in Pistoia in 1974, S.i.d.al. was able to seize a horizon full of opportunities and embark on a steadily evolving course that led to the creation of the cash & carry ZONE in 1996 and the creation of dédico, the consulting and deliver at home channel
Due to the commercial formula – a balanced mix of raw materials quality, accurate supplier selection, faster customer service and customized consulting – it has gained an important place in Tuscany.
It collaborates with 190 companies, with a total of 2,000 employees and generates 25 million euros from this partnership.
They are also present in Sardinia, where they pursue the same goals of expansion and growth throughout the territory. In more than forty years the presence on the market has grown in size and awareness, and today it employs 269 people from the average age of 45, of which 88 women and 25 agents.
ZONA cash & carry are located in Tuscany (Altopascio, Cecina, Empoli, Livorno, Pisa, Pistoia, Viareggio, Pontedera), Liguria (Sarzana) and Sardinia (Cagliari). A modern and efficient network of ten outlets that in 2016 generated a turnover of 115 million euros. In April 2017, ZONA cash & carry rose to 11, with the opening of a sales outlet on Elba Island.