Bob Martin UK: a great success for the Integration Brokerage project with TESISQUARE®

Bob Martin, the UK’s leading company in Pet Healthcare & Wellness, has chosen TESISQUARE® as one B2B provider to meet the challenge of providing an efficient and effective infrastructure to centralise supply chain coordination.

After conducting a feasibility study, TESISQUARE® has been covering the exchange of commercial transactions between Bob Martin and international retailers, specialist stores and logistics partners through the Integration Brokerage solution.

Some figures:

  • 47 Retailers involved
  • Less than 4 months to go live
  • 15 types of business transactions

Business transactions impact significantly on functional areas such as business department and administration, warehouse logistics, distribution logistics and goods replenishment. The platform provides full data integration and new implementations whether new business transactions or the number of business partners involved.

TESISQUARE® has actively worked together with a third-party logistics, applying well-known experience and industry architecture best practices. “With its well-established experience and knowledge of the market, TESISQUARE®’s international team has been able to coordinate all players involved by delivering the project effectively in line with time-to-market timelines,” says Matteo Maiorano – Account Manager of TESISQUARE®.