One more time TESISQUARE exceeded customer expectations!

Following the commercial agreement to acquire Nestle’s Purina PetCare unit in Europe and in anticipation of the consequent increased volume of ordering data, the UK-based manufacturer Bob Martin adopted TESI e-Integration, the TESISQUARE® Integration Brokerage platform in order to carry out worldwide commercial transactions with its business partners.

After conducting a feasibility study, TESISQUARE® has been covering the exchange of commercial transactions between Bob Martin and international retailers, specialist stores and logistics partners through the Integration Brokerage solution. Business transactions impact significantly on functional areas such as business department and administration, warehouse logistics, distribution logistics and goods replenishment. The platform provides full data integration and allows to set up either new business partners and new business transactions.

Some figures of the project:

  • 47 Retailers involved;
  • less than 4 months to go live;
  • 15 different workflows/documents managed.

As a UK company acquiring an Italian business one of the challenges was to seamlessly migrate the existing customers EDI connections; our existing UK based EDI provider lacked experience in Italy and could not meet the very tight deadline. Our solution was to ask our top Italian Customers who they would recommend as local EDI provider. TESISQUARE® were one of two providers recommended. Out of the two, TESISQUARE® were by far the quickest to respond to our initial enquiry and this speed and dedication to the task has been present all the way through the project. I have been amazed at the resource they have dedicated to the project and to-date the project’s success has exceeded my expectations.” said Russell Carleton – Group IT Manager at Bob Martin UK Ltd.