Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe chose TESI e-Integration for International EDI

SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS AIR CONDITIONER EUROPE (SEACE) chose TESI e-Integration – TESISQUARE® Integration Brokerage platform (EDI) – in order to carry out worldwide commercial transactions with its business partners in Europe.
The company needed a solution that would convert dispatch advices, invoices and orders in a multi-channel way from and to the final Business Partner all over the world; respond flexibly and quickly to the needs of Business Partners; reorganize its business processes, with the decrease of the total cost of the structure, the reuse of human resources and economic activities with higher value-added and at least fully monitor the exchanged data flows.

TESI e-Integration is a cloud-based B2B Integration Brokerage solution that substantially improves efficiency and collaboration in extended enterprise processes. The service fully meets the most various integration requirements of Business Partners, enabling a multiformat and multi-protocol data exchange management.

TESISQUARE® solutions run about 100 million transactions per year, serving 25.000 companies across 80 countries. These solutions allow customers to digitize processes across the extended supply chain, and generate value through an integrated platform handling Sourcing and Procurement, Supply Chain Execution, Transportation Management, Retail and e-Commerce operations.
We are very proud that Samsung, which we have been offering digital services for several years now, has decided to entrust us again, through its newco SEACE, to develop the cross-country exchange of EDI data flows – said Gianmario Mollea, Marketing and Sales Manager DCO Line (Digital Collaboration and Optimization) TESISQUARE®. This opportunity is a perfect challenge to pursue our corporate mission to interconnect people, technologies and processes in our international collaborative square and being One Partner for our customer”.

Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe
Samsung Electronics inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies that give people the power to discover new experiences. With a constant focus on innovation and discovery, it keeps redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances such as air conditioning, medical equipment, network systems, and semiconductor and LED solutions.
The company announced last year the opening of its Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe (SEACE) sales offices in Amsterdam. The SEACE office is designed to provide a central hub for the sale of Samsung air conditioning units throughout Europe. According to Samsung Electronics, the European market for B2B air conditioning systems is the second largest in the world and it is expected to grow from $3.6 bn in 2016 to $4.2 bn by 2020, according to forecasts. For this reason, Samsung has decided to increase its air conditioning activity in Europe in order to take advantage of the expected growth.