SBS Schweiz GMBH approaches the Digital Transformation choosing TESISQUARE EDI and B2B services

SBS Schweiz GMBH, the international company that offers unique accessories for smartphones, PC and tablets, chose TESI e-Integration, TESISQUARE Integration Brokerage platform EDI and B2B in order to carry out commercial transactions with its business partners worldwide.

The company needed a solution that would convert invoices and orders in standard formats in a multichannel and omnichannel logic with each Business Partner, especially with Retailers specialized in furniture and electronics sectors.

With TESI e-Integration SBS is able to:

  • reduce company costs;
  • reduce time-to-market and order-to-pay cycle time;
  • improve data quality;
  • speed up business processes data flow;
  • assign employees involved in data entry higher value-added activities.

Integration Brokerage Solution

TESI e-Integration is a cloud-based B2B Integration Brokerage solution that substantially improves efficiency and collaboration in the extended enterprise processes.
TESISQUARE service fully meets the most various integration requirements of Business Partners, enabling a multiformat and multiprotocol data exchange management.
According to GS1 statistics, TESISQUARE is among the top 5 European Integration Brokerage Operators and 1st Italian Retailer and Consumer Goods Operator.

SBS Schweiz GmbH

SBS was founded in Novara, Italy, in 1994. Today it is an international company that offers unique accessories for smartphones, PC’s and tablets that are the epitome of stylish Italian design that are aimed at customers who demand the best. Over the years, the company has combined creativity, research and outstanding attention to detail with constant analysis of market trends in order to develop a catalogue that references upwards of 2,500 items over various product categories and which has assured SBS its place as a market leader in the accessories field. Its willingness to make the needs of its customers a starting point has enabled the company to create specific new product lines over the past decades, particularly those related to sports, the outdoors and gaming.