MEF postpones the term of Spesometro, the communication of invoices data

With the Press release nr. 147 – 01/09/2017, the Italian “Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze” has welcomed the application of the “Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti e degli Esperti Contabili” that requested a deadline extension to present invoices (send and received) data of the first half 2017 to the “Agenzia delle Entrate” (Italian tax office).

The expiration date September 16th has been therefore postponed to September 28th.

However, not all companies are obliged to submit this communication: companies that exchange invoices electronically with other private companies are exempted, as described by the Italian Legislative Decree no. 193/2016.

B2B Electronic Invoicing is valuable!

  • The format is the same used for sending Invoice to Public Administrations
  • Shorter administrative time for correct invoice registration and payment
  • Invoices are stored digitally in compliance with current regulations
  • Tracked and integrated management of the invoicing process


Download the MEF Press Release nr. 147 – 01/09/2017

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