EuroVast enforces international EDI with TESI B2B Integration Brokerage solution

EuroVast, leader in tissue products, continues on the path to digitalisation of its processes through TESISQUARE Platform B2B Integration Brokerage in Europe.
More in detail, the Dutch branch EuroVast NL was looking for a digital solution in order to better support commercial transactions with its business partners in The Netherlands.

TESI B2B Integration Brokerage solution creates an easy link between EuroVast and its customers by exchanging data and accelerating the sales cycle through the perfect order.

Choosing a B2B Integration Brokerage solution means to:
• increase data accuracy, efficiency and speed of business transactions;
• decrease paper documents and their physical storage costs;
• reduce data entry costs related to working time and input error.

TESI B2B Integration Brokerage solution improves efficiency and collaboration in an extended Supply Chain: it meets the most various integration requirements of business partners enabling a multiformat and multi-protocol data exchange management.

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More about EuroVast

EuroVast SpA is an Italian company based in Italy, with a presence in the tissue market for over 26 years. With customers in Italy, Europe and in non-European countries, and a wide experience in paper production and converting (in both consumer and AFH sectors), EuroVast innovatively responds to consumer needs, proposing tissue products that focus on health/hygiene, safety, convenience and eco-sustainability. EuroVast SpA has a consolidated experience in the private label sector, as well as in the mass retail, distribution, discount and community distribution channels.