TESISQUARE® accelerates Internet of Things (IoT) with the acquisition of H&S Custom

Bra (CN), 03.10.2018. TESISQUARE®, a technological partner specialized in the design and implementation of collaborative digital ecosystems, has announced the acquisition of capital shares of H&S Custom, an Italian company focused on the development of IoT solutions and applications.
The acquisition process will be completed by 2020 with the achievement of the corporate majority; the operation is the result of the strengthening of the existing commercial partnership and is aimed at expanding the perimeter of the TESISQUARE® collaborative platforms to IoT technologies.

“This acquisition allows TESISQUARE® to integrate and orchestrate data from smart objects connected in an agile and shared way within collaborative platforms”, said Giuseppe Pacotto, Chairman and CEO of TESISQUARE®. “Sensors, RFID tags and other innovative technologies will allow us to manage supply chain processes not only with improved visibility and transparency of data but also with greater proactivity at events”.

Through the enhancement of technical and organizational components, TESISQUARE® and H & S Custom bring together expertise and experience to accompany customers on their journey of digital transformation. IoT devices thus become the fourth element, together with the people, processes and data of the collaborative digital ecosystem that the TESISQUARE Platform enables, as it is designed with “open” architecture, able to integrate and interact with all innovations.

“IoT technologies will have a major impact on organizations with disruptive effects on business strategies: the number of devices connected to the network expected in 2020 will exceed 50 billion; together with this increasingly widespread diffusion, we are witnessing the evolution in their use: not only interconnected intelligent objects for process optimization but new products and services able to “suggest” ever more evolved needs to companies and final consumers. an example are the projects in the customer experience and supply chain control that we are following ” commented Renzo Ottina, CEO of H&S Custom. “H&S Custom, which has been operating in the IoT since the early 2000s,” continues Ottina “has seen in TESISQUARE® the ideal partner for the realization of the collaboration strategies necessary to connect the objects to the processes. The presence of TESISQUARE® in the reference sectors of H & S Custom will allow the growth and diffusion of the proposed solutions”.

The first concrete cases of synergy between the solutions of the two companies are represented by TESI PYB – Protect your brand and TESI PYMi – Protect your Made In, certification systems, transparency and traceability of production and distribution processes as added value to the final consumer.