Voucher for SMEs Digitisation: extension for the completion of projects expenses

The Ministry of Economic Development has extended until December 14th 2018 the deadline for the completion of projects expenses related to the digitisation of company processes and technological modernization.

Following the extension, the assignee companies of the Voucher can present the request for disbursement, after having paid all the expenses, until March 14, 2019.

The voucher can be used for the purchase of software, hardware and/or specialized services that allow to:
• improve the company efficiency;
• modernizing the organization of work, through the use of technological tools and forms of work flexibility, including smart working;
• develop e-commerce solutions;
• benefit from broadband and ultra-broadband connectivity or connection to the Internet using satellite technology;
• carry out qualified training interventions for staff in the ICT field.

For more information, please write to marketing@tesisquare.com.