TESISQUARE opens new Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Milan

TESISQUARE takes new steps towards a green management of the company fleet with the installation of the first Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at the TESISQUARE office in Milan, which will allow employees to use environmentally friendly vehicles for transfers to other offices.

TESISQUARE’s commitment to the adoption of sustainable mobility innovations continues, just six months later from the opening of electric charging points at Bra and Turin offices, so reducing the environmental impact of company vehicles in support of an eco-friendy approach.

The EV charging station has been installed at the Milan branch, inside the Milanofiori Assago Business Center, and it will offer the possibility to connect and recharge up to two electric vehicles in total safety and speed. The EV charging service will be available from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 19:00, for employees, coworkers and partners in order to promote a “zero impact” mobility solution on the urban and extra-urban territory.

For years TESISQUARE has been committed to environmental issues, sustainability and energy saving, supporting the company and the environment through the use of renewable sources deriving from photovoltaic plants operating from 2011.