The Procurement Awards 2019 was a great success

Such a great success for “The Procurement Awards 2019″, a gathering for purchasing professionals, and the most innovative Italian companies in Procurement and Supply Chain, held in Milan on May 24th.

For the 4th edition of the awards ceremony, Giuseppe Pacotto, Chairman and CEO of TESISQUARE, awarded the category “Innovation in Procurement” for the development of new products, business processes, eSourcing and Business Intelligence solutions for an improvement in purocurement processes and strategies. TESISQUARE supported the category as strongly convinced that innovation in procurement passes through the digitalisation and implementation of collaborative platforms to overcome traditional silos approaches.

For the category “Innovation in Procurement“:

1st place: ENI for the definition of a new Sourcing model with a central role of procurement in Open Innovation initiatives;

2nd place: Enel for the implementation of the Digital Hub to support the digital transformation;

3rd place: ERG for the strategic role of purchasing as a promoter of Innovation Days initiatives.

Relive The Procurement Awards 2019: watch the video!