TESISQUARE likes Challenges, on the top step of the podium with Ricardo Campello

We are proud to announce that the windsurfer Ricardo Campello won the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival 2019, after successfully defending single eliminations crowns during final days.

TESISQUARE competes with leading technological companies and more. From the international recognition by the world’s leading IT research and analysis company, the idea of ​​sponsoring athletes engaged in “out-of-the-ordinary challenges“, but consistent with the corporate values. One to launch the trend, the sponsorship of the Go Eleven Team, the Cuneo team on track with Ducati Corse in the 2019 World Superbike Championship.

Speedy and Performance in riding the waves with the sponsorship of Ricardo Campello, the Brazilian windsurfer three times freestyle world champion in windsurfing and 2 times vice champion in “Wave Competition” and inventor of 30 new windsurfing manoeuvers.

TESISQUARE will support Ricardo Campello for all the events scheduled for the 2019 season, and PWA World Touring Windsurfing 2019 events.

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