It’s all about coding: TESISQUARE at the ColdFusion Summit 2019

TESISQUARE will be participating in the ColdFusion Summit 2019, the largest developer conference of the ColdFusion Adobe community, to be held on October 1 – 2 in Las Vegas.

Adobe ColdFusion Summit includes two full days of sessions, engaging developers, designers, and experts discussing the latest industry trends, valuable insights, and future plans for CF. The event will be the perfect place to exchange ideas, experiences, and hear from inspiring and informative keynote speakers. And have countless chances to network with professionals from around the world. In addition to opportunities to interact with ColdFusion experts, domain leaders and peers, will get to learn about the latest techniques, and strategies to rapidly build and successfully deliver web applications to the market.

Keynote speeches and guests’ speaker will help Adobe experts expand their thinking and discover new approaches to make smarter decisions. As part of the keynote Adobe invites three customers to share their experience with the audience, who would be given around 10-15 minutes to talk about what they did with CF. As part of the keynote session, Marco Bencini will be discussing how ColdFusion acts as the core foundation for the TESISQUARE Platform, and networking with professionals to be one step closer to experts in the field. On the technical side, Gabriele Bernuzzi and Marco Bencini will be dive into Adobe ColdFusion roadmap, and performance, to keep our CF up to date.

With the web applications scenario evolving rapidly, ColdFusion Summit 2019 will be the way to explore how ColdFusion is driving change and delivering best-in-class solutions.

For more information visit Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2019