TESISQUARE Platform 6.0:

enabling collaborative and digital ecosystems


TESISQUARE Platform 6.0 is a Supply Chain Visibility platform able to orchestrate and manage both upstream (inbound) and downstream (outbound) processes, thus supporting each customer to design their own digital and collaborative ecosystem.

TESISQUARE Platform 6.0 has the following software suites:

TESI Control Tower software suite, which provides companies with a tool for the synthesis, analysis, control and management of events through “proactive analytics” systems, KPIs and dashboards with drill-down functionality, which access operational data. and transactional data of the platform.

TESI SCM  provides functionality to find and qualify new suppliers, take control of purchase costs, optimize the management of suppliers, organize reception, support the payment process.

TESI TMS digitalizes the transport processes (inbound and outbound) synchronizing and exchanging data between the customer’s ERP and the external systems of the carriers; provides functionality to plan transport, control costs, share documents and track shipments (tracking).

TESI GRC allows companies to support activities and processes related to the world of compliance starting from the set of corporate processes and risks (compliance, operational, financial…) to which it is subject.

TESISQUARE Platform 6.0 is completed by two basic layers:

■ Framework: manages the standard transversal functionalities necessary to execute personal data, user profiles, workflow and document management.

■ Integration Brokerage (multichannel communication layer): allows to collaborate with all supply chain partners (suppliers, transporters, 3pl and customers) and third-party information systems in a simple and flexible way, using the TESISQUARE® skills in the integration and exchange of data (EDI, SAP X-Plug and private streams).

TESISQUARE® has developed the first “many-to-many” cloud platform, the service portal that allows the creation of efficiency and value through the sharing of information and documents in real time.
TESISQUARE Platform 6.0 offers modular and scalable solutions and the solutions of Sourcing & Procurement, Supply Chain Execution, Transportation Management and Governance Risk & Compliance find a native integration for functionality and processes, thanks to the unified technological architecture.

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