For some time now we have heard talk of industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, that is to say, what it is to process a unation and interconnection of the industrialist, with a profound impact on the entire sector of Logistics and a consequent re-organization or part of it. warehouses and benefits systems.


For the distribution realities, the warehouse is the heart of the business and it is precisely for this reason that sourcing it according to the process of Industry 4.0 is essential to ensure the safety of a sufficient level of stock to cope with the sudden changes in demand from the market.
It is therefore necessary to plan production, deliveries and predict requirements through the use of advanced software solutions, which allow companies to optimize the process of production and distribution of goods, focusing on Three main objectives:


  • maximize customer satisfaction;
  • reduce excess inventory;
  • eliminate stock breaks.


With this in mind, Integration Brokerage systems (EDI and Web-EDI) facilitated and disseminated the information exchanges needed to increase collaboration at the administrative and IT level, establishing itself as the basis for the implementation of CRP projects ( Continuous Replenishment Process), which provide for delegation to the supplier of the process of resupplying the goods in storage.


To meet the needs of logistics operators and all those working in large-scale distribution, TESISQUARE® has created TESI neXt-D4C, the web technology platform for managing all processes related to the theme of CPFR ( Collaborative, Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment) from a multi-device perspective, allowing you to:

  • plan collaboratively;
  • predict demand;
  • optimally supply the stock.


TESI neXt D4C consists of a Basic Module, equipped with a forecast engine, for the management of cross-processes; Forecast Module, for balancing customer demand with the company’s supply plan; Of the Reorder Module, which processes the consumption forecast and calculates the requirements, taking into account the logistical constraints and the dynamic trend of the availability of the goods; Events Module, which monitors exogenous factors that can affect demand and consequently its forecast.


Among the strengths of the solution are the speed of production, the multi-device use, the possibility of high parameterization and integration with the company’s ERP, the availability in SaaS.

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