TESI Control Tower

Increase Supply Chain Visibility and Performance with Advanced Analytics

TESI Control Tower supports a data-driven approach leveraging Advanced Analytics for detecting new insights, trends, issues and their root cases.
The architecture allows organisations to gather and integrate information from external systems and big data sources, manage data streams so as to be able to open up to the most innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things and Blockchain.

It provides an advanced analytics system based on process workflows, KPIs and dashboards with drill-down functionality that access operational and transactional data. Data can be visualized in near real time due to integration with TESISQUARE Platform, a multi-enterprise platform for end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility and collaboration.


across organisation, business partners, and relevant stakeholders.

to boost supply chain business network sharing information appropriately.

by providing critical issues in faster response time.

to act promptly on business events taking advantage of proactive alerting and notification.

by reducing logistics costs, and improving service level.

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